Sunday, 31 May 2009

IPhone App giveaway??

Yes you read it correctly! The website ( are planning to let IPhone users download the IPhone apps for free when you register for them. The provide a lot of promotional offers and with the promotional codes , everyone will be able to download the latest apps.

By visiting their website you can also get to know about the latest apps released for IPhone. This website can also followed from Twitter as well. This site is mainly designed for the IPhone application developers for marketing purposes. This also helps the iPhone users to know and get a chance to download the latest apps available for IPhone from a single place.


File with ExtensionTHB

File with Thb extension is sometimes misinterpreted as a file with thumbnail image of a mp3 file or video file. Actually File extension Thb are associated with two programs

* Kinupix
* hijack Clipart

According to File extension Thb, Kinupix programs are windows based programs to create multimedia slide for image files.These projects includes various formats of music files and various applications with .exe,.avi and html files.

File Extension Thb is used by Kinupix especially for the Skin files. This takes care of user interface looks with the information and images without affecting the operation of the Skinnable software.


Thoranai tamil Mp3 songs download

Thoranai - Vishal and Sriya saran pair up for this movie. This movie is planned fro release in two languages on the same day.(Tamil and Telugu). Vishal has maintained his six packs which he had worked out for his biggest expected and biggest flop movie "Satyam". Sriya has two releases in this month Kandasamy and Thoranai and hopes for a break in any one of this movie. Manisharma has scored the music for this movie and Sabha iyappan has directed this movie produced by Vishal's home production GK.corporation. The songs are not great but have to wait and see whether the video create more interest.

The songs can be downloaded in .rar format(tamilmp3world)


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

ProtocolUnknown Error

As you all know, Protocol is a standard set of rules that can be interpreted as the point of control for any connection,communication or data transfer between any computing endpoints.Most of us who are well known with the protocol, might not be aware of Protocolunknown error.

Protocolunknown provides more information on this error. According to this link, this error is more frequent than we all expect and can be noticed while installing software or any hardware.

How did we not come across protocol unknown error in our life so far? The reason behind is probably we don't spend more time to even read what the error message actually is.What do we do?... just press escape or skip or OK to exit the window immediately after the display of error messages without even caring to have a look at it :-)


Modhi vilayadu Tamil Mp3 songs download

Modi vilayadhu - Starring Vinay as the lead and Kajal Agarwal is casted opposite to him. Movie is directed by Saran who has few hit films like 'Partaen rasitaen', 'Gemini','Amrakalam' against his name. Colonial cousins have scored the music after a very long time. Let me refresh your minds who colonial cousins are - Singer Hariharan and Leslie Lewis (Remember the song " Krishna nee begane" album?). I guess this is their first movie as a music directors. Metro Films have produced this film. I have heard the songs from this movie and they look average for me.

The songs can be downloaded from the mediafire in .rar format(tamilmp3world)


Files with Extension PTX

Another common file extension interpreted as error are the files with .ptx extension. The File extension ptx cannot exist nor work individually without other associated files.

File extension ptx provides more information on .ptx files. These files are actually created by other executable while installing.

The ptx errors are thrown by the system when a user deletes a file with ptx extension. Mostly this type of files are considered to be less significant files by the users, the chances for Ptx errors are more likely to occur. It is a best practise to keep a note of applications which install .ptx files which might avoid the deletion of such files.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kandhasamy Tamil Mp3 songs download

Kandhasamy - Vikram starrer has been in the news for too long and finally the music is out. With Vikram donning the lead, Sriya saran is the heroine of this movie. Music is composed by Devisriprasad( DSP as he wish to be known as) who had musical hits in his earlier films like Villu and Santosh subramanium.

Susi Ganesan is the director who has already given hits like "Tirutu payalae" and "5Star". The film is produced by V. Creations. This movie is being rumoured to be a "Robin Hood" movie of India and is planned to be released in five languages - Tamil,Telugu,Italian, Hindi and Spanish. This is one of the much expected movie of the year and expected to be released during last week of May.

Songs can be downloaded in .rar format(tamilmp3world) in the link below


FireFox - Design Challenge Summer 09

Do you remember why people started using FireFox more than Internet explorer? If not its the Tab option in the browser which prompted a lot of users to use FireFox browsers. The Tabs in the browser was a huge success and all the other browsers developers started to include with their browsers and Microsoft was the last to implement the tabs in Internet explorer 7.0 if I remember correctly.

I know what you are thinking, why am I mentioning about this after these many years? The reason ,FireFox is planning to exclude the tabs option in its next release and is having a competition for us to give out an alternatives to the tabs we are using. They are calling it as " Design challenge summer 09" and the question is as follows :
"Reinventing Tabs in the Browser - How can we create, navigate and manage multiple web sites within the same browser instance?"

To be honest,I am more than satisfied with the Tabs but if any of you who read this post have any innovative ideas then please do participate in FireFox's challenge.


File with Extension DOT

Continuing with the file extension details on my earlier posts, the next in the queue are files with extension DOT. Every one should have come across this particular type of file extension in your life.Can't remember where you have seen this, this is associated with Microsoft word.

File Extension DOT are used as template files for creating documents until Windows 2003 version and until Word for MAc 2004. This files were replaced with DOTM files from Windows 2007. DOT is the acronym of Document Template. The Microsoft Word icons will not be displayed for this .DOT files in Word as they are just templates and can't be opened in Microsoft word.

According to File Extension DOT website, there are also other files with DOT extension.

* Corel Lines Definition File
* Bert's Dinosaurs game
* Graphiz DOT language file
* Ribbons Molecular surface file.


Monday, 18 May 2009

Imeem on IPhone

Good news for Imeem users,Imeem app is available for IPhone and Ipod touch users and is free to download from App store.

I downloaded this app yesterday and installed it.The following are the options displayed by default under featured:

* Spotlight( New and Notable artists)
* Top 100 ( This weeks hottest songs on Imeem)
* Urb's Next 100( 100 new artists blowing up in 2009)
* songs from Apple Ads( the apple of your Ear)

Apart from Featured, My music and Favorites are the other options available on Imeem Application. If you are selecting any of the options listed under Featured Tab, then you need Wifi connection or GPRS connection for streaming.

Using my music you can create your own play list with the songs stored on your IPhone. As I haven't used Imeem before not sure if there are more options to try out.


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Rumour : Third(3rd) Generation IPhone

Its time for latest information on Third genration IPhone. Do you want to know the features on the " 3rd generation IPhone"? The following are the features :

* 3.5 inch, 480 x 320 (same as earlier models)
* 600 MHZ processor (replacing 400 MHZ)
* 256 MB (Twice as much as earlier)
* 3.2 Mega pixels( 2.0 Mp earlier)
* More storage capacity( Not yet confirmed)

People are expecting more from Apple on this 3rd generation on gaming direction. Apple advertised few days back the Apps will be a killer feature of current generation devices.

Still a rumour, Have to wait till June to see what actually Apple has come out with. Most Apple Fans will be disappointed if they IPhone doesn't have a GPU and a better touchscreen help gaming.


File with Extension WPD

All the files used in a computer has an extension which refer to the encoding algorithm or convention of its content. One such file extension is .wpd file. Generally these are a special type of audio file associated with wav files.

File extension Wpd is one of the site providing information regarding the .Wpd file. Normally they reside inside a folder which contains .wav files as this can't work independently nor can be opened independently.

In File Extension wpd, you will find information regarding Saw studio which is a sound processing software can be helpful to open the .wpd file. The .wpd file contains miscellaneous information like signal frequency and intensity associated with a .wav file. Saw studio shall be used to open the .wpd along with a .wav file associated with it.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Windows7 - Microsoft announcement

From May 5th 2009, Microsoft allowed general public to download Windows7 Release candidate and try it on their computers. Microsoft will gather information from our PC's to fix few bugs on the release candidate. Windows7 is scheduled to be released 23rd October as per the latest information.This release candidate will work till March 2010 without any problems and interruptions from Microsoft with regular updating of the windows updates. After March 2010, Microsoft will send the notification to all the Release candidate users to upgrade/buy a licensed version of Windows7 and will restart your PC automatically every 2 hours or on a particular time decided by Microsoft and on June 1st 2010, the license of Windows7 Release candidate will expire and will stop working.


Files with DNL extension

Haven't heard it until last week. I happened to receive a file from one of my friend with a .dnl extension and In spite of having Vista OS and a lot of software's on my Laptop, I was unable to open this file.

While browsing the internet for information regarding the .dnl extension,came across File Extension DNL. Before reaching this,a lot of sites on Google search resulted in a website displaying "Please click here to run a scan to fix the .dnl error"

After reading through the description on File Extension DNL site which I was redirected to,it looks like its one of the file created by software desktop author in the form of ebooks,ecards,ecatalogs and ebrouchers.These files could be opened using the Desktop author software which is available for free.