Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mitra Hands

A humble request to all my friends and Followers to spend two minutes of your time reading this post. This two minutes can change a life of a person who is in need of our help.

This is to introduce you to my friends organisation "Mitra Hands",which helps the poor students, aged and physically challenged people.

Mitra Hands is a private not-for-profit voluntary organization offering hands to help poor and physically challenged human needs.Please visit the site for more details:

Please note that this is not a scam.The volunteers of this organisation are from Top IT companies in India and they ensure the donation reaches the needy at any cost. Donation is accepted in any kinds including School books, School uniforms, Wheel chairs,walking sticks etc.

Even if you are unable to help with any materials or cash, Please note that you can still help this organisation by participating in social service activities.

Please visit the site and try to help or atleast please pass this information to a wider audience and let them know about the organisation.

Recent Services provided by the organisation:(Currency: INR)

July '09
Financial help for 1.9 year old's Cancer treatment (Cost: 10K)
One of our Mitra Hands member's collegue was in need of money for his son's cancer treatment. We donated 10K for this.

Needed items for Ramanar Ashramam (Cost: 15K)
We visited the orphan home (Ramanar Anbalayam) in Avinashi on 27th June.Nearly 30 childrens are living there. All are below 12 years. The man who runs this home is the member of Ramanasramam in Thiruvannamalai.They need many basic requirements. We gave a small drop in that. We hope, will do our best in future.

June '09
Notebooks distribution to 1st-8th standard student (Cost: 10K)

Ooratchi Onriya Nadu Nilai Palli (Govt. School), Sendrampalayam,Kinathukadavu.

Sendrampalayam is a village, located near Thamaraikulam which is on the pollachi-coimbatore main road. 25 kms from coimbatore and 15 kms from pollachi. The Govt school here teaches till 8th standard.

Initially we thought to select the students who are poor and provide them notebooks.
But in that area 80% of the students are poor. So there is no point in differentiating between the students. So, we got the list of notebooks needed for the students from the HM of the school. We approached the press which makes the notebooks for the students. He provided us with the discounted price.The cost worked out to be ~34k.

Since the amount was more, We took out the long size notes and few others from the list.(1 long size note is Rs. 20 and ~1000 were requested). Finally gave the order for the remaining notebooks. The cost worked out to be ~10K.

Note books were distributed to students.