Wednesday, 24 June 2009

IPhone - Restoring Address Book

After using IPhone for more than an year, It was only yesterday I tried to restore the address book while upgrading the firmware to OS 3.0.

Using an application(Diskaid), I was able to connect to my IPhone from my laptop( Windows Vista). Then transferred the files from the address book directory -~/users/library/AddressBook to my Laptop under Root folder.

After upgrading my IPhone to 3.0 OS, I connected it to my laptop and using the same software,copied the backed up files into the address book and everything worked fine.

Basic requirements for this to work is the IPhone needs to be unlocked. The files that needs to be backed up are :

* AddressBook.sqlitedb
* AddressBookImages.sqlitedb


SEO - Search Engine optimisation

SEO - A term, common among the bloggers like us. SEO is the acronym of search Engine optimisation. SEO(SEO glasgow) is a process which helps to improve each individual blogs and websites ranking assigned by the search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing( Microsoft Search engine).

For business people depending on the Internet for their primary source of income, SEO Rankings helps to bring the potential customer to your sites.

SEO companies like SEO Glasgow can help in creating a successful online business creating a presence and buzz. Though it is a slow process, the benefits are huge in the long run.

The site can be optimised in the following ways by SEO glasgow:

* Keyword research - Ensure Terms related to your business are pulling traffic to your site

* On Page Factors - To Help cleanup the HTML code which in turn improves the crawling of search engines easier by reducing the crawl errors.

* Off Page Factors - Link building to popularise the site in search engine as well as in Web.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

IPhone 3.0 OS Released - 17 June 2009 !

Iphone 3.0 OS was released yesterday and few of the useful features are listed for your reference:

* Send MMS ( supported only on 3G )
* Movie Downloading
* Voice memo recording
* cut/copy/paste
* Youtube Video Rating
* spotlight search
* Shake to undo and shake again to Redo
* Shuffle mode(When enabled, shake iPhone to skip current song and move to the next song)
* Sync Notes
* Internet Tethering
* Parental controls
* Bluetooth support(Finally few normal Bluetooth options supported)
* Forward messages.( option to select any number of individual messages in a conversation to Forward)

MMS is not supported currently by AT & T in US, not sure about UK. Internet tethering is a way of connecting to the internet on your PC using the 3G connection of Iphone either through Bluetooth or USB.

Please do leave comments if anyone has tried their hands on the OS 3.0 software.


Thursday, 11 June 2009

App sharing on IPhone!

Finally some good news for IPhone users. The apple developers and hackers have revealed a new feature on IPhone 3.0 OS. The feature was a secret until now,which allows App sharing between the IPhone users. The Initial comments from experts indicate this will allow one person to buy an application and share it with others.

Normally IPhone users download the new Apps depending on the reviews integrated with each App. What if those people who use the app which was shared by another user try to make a comment on the App? Will that increase sales or decrease sales? Well,Apple have another feature to overcome this issue by adding an verification process to identify if you are the owner of the App and allow only the owners to write a review on a particular App.

The transfer mode still remains a million dollar question with Bluetooth being the preferred mode.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

Will Bing replace Google?

Bing! The new search engine is launched by Microsoft as a possible replacement for Google. Microsoft live search will be replaced by Bing from Wednesday, 3rd June 2009.Bing updates its homepage daily with a beautiful screenshot which is more attractive than the normal white Google homepage. It also allows you to know the details about the screenshot( place) by moving the mouse over the picture.

Coming to the main feature, Bing does provide a detailed search result with mouse over the links on the search results as shown on the picture below. Bing also provides the features of Video and Image searching but have to wait and see how accurate it is when compared to Google.

According to experts review , Bing is a robust search engine. Are you thinking of whether Bing will replace Google in future? Well wait for few months and see if your neighbours,friends are using Bing , if so then it has already replaced Google.

Please post your comments and experience on using Bing here for the other readers to get more information.


File with Extension GIF

After a week, here is another post about the file extension and this time with a known extension .GIF. As most people know Gif is Graphic interchange format and a format to represent an image.

File extension GIF was originally developed by Compuserve as a bitmap which represent one bit per pixel or a raster graphics which represent rectangular pixel holding color image formats. The same company has also developed a black and white image file extension represented by .xpm.

File extension GIF is actually a popular type of Internet graphics format with following advantages:

* For Reducing file sizes without quality difference.
* loss less data compression with image clarity
* Rapid transmission of image files on the Internet.