Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Eraser Flash Drive

Studioroom906 has introduced a new type of Eraser flash drive; Apart from storing and backing up your data, these can be used as an eraser to correct paper based mistakes and gives protection for the drives when it is dropped. This eraser flash drive provides a gradual design change which worn away overtime as seen on the picture.


Magnetic Detachable camera Lens

Many of us are disappointed with the less functionality of iphone camera; this detachable lens could make your iphone or other cellphone more useful. This lens attachment features a detachable wide-angle, fisheye or 2x telephoto lens and costs around $16.99 only.


Windows 7 far better than Windows Vista

The News that is floating around tech guys is interesting and useful for those entire Vista’s unfortunate Victims; the Beta Version of the Windows 7 has a massive improvement over the Windows Vista. We can expect the Final Beta version to be further improved when it is released End January 2009.


Monday, 29 December 2008

Prime Laptop

The Prime laptop has three adjustable displays. It can be closed to a 13 inch notebook or can be expanded into a super wide 26 inch notebook with OLED displays. This laptop design will attract a lot of gamers looking for a widescreen gaming action.


Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

Guyz, Its time for some motivation :-) M. Lavinashree, a nine year old girl is the youngest person to pass the Microsoft certified Professional Exam.This record was previously held by a 10 year old Pakistani girl. LavinaShree has been on the records earlier for reciting all 1300 couplets of a 2000 year old epic Thirukkural at the age of Three.


LG launches Watch Phone

LG launches a Watch Phone named as LG-GD910 model. This Watch phone features a touch screen LCD, 3G Data capability, a built-in camera support for video conferencing. The screen size is limited to 1.43 inch makes difficult for browsing. It is supposed to be released in a couple of months in Japan and Europe.


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Microsoft under Pressure : Windows7

Microsoft is working hard to get Windows7 releases in the late 2009. But due to Economic slowdown, the consumers and the businesses are trying to avoid purchases as much as possible. The corporate majors and many businesses are moving to Apple Macs replacing their windows at workplace. Microsoft is feeling the pressure to make corporate players to embrace Windows 7.

In a recent survey, 88 % of the users voted for Windows XP to be their primary operating system against Vista which has a lot of compatibility issues.


Portable Digital TV on the Run - FireBox

A Portable Digital TV has been launched by Firebox with a built-in DVB-T receiver for Freeview channels pick-up. In Addition to TV tuning abilities, it is an MP4 video player, audio player and picture viewer and also has a built in FM radio. The files supported by this Portable TV are MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV audio, AVI, WMV9 video, JPG, BMP, PNG. With touch sensitive buttons, the TV offers 3.5 hours viewing in TV mode and 7.5 hours in video mode, 42.5 hours for MP3 playback and measures 12.7 x 7.8 x 1.2 cm. Lets see the downside of it !! It has an internal storage of just 1GB supports SD cards up to 2GB only or USB. The audio output is only through the Headphones socket.


Windows XP License Purchasing Extended???

Great News for the Windows XP admirers, Microsoft has extended Windows XP license purchasing until 30th May 2009 as opposed to 31st January 2009 with regards to the customers wishes. This also confuses the consumers why Microsoft has extended the license period as we are expecting a service pack 2 for Vista and a Beta build for the Vista successor Windows 7. Keep your Fingers crossed !


Rechargable solar charger - Energizer

These exciting energizer battery charges are due to release next summer. What’s Exciting about it? This powers the battery with solar power and is weatherproof would be costing around 49.99$. Well what if you are unable to locate the Sun, they provide a USB port to power the rechargeable batteries and also an AC outlet.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

TCS logo on Ferrari F1 cars in 2009 season

Tata consultancy Services logo will be seen on the Ferrari F1 cars in Formula one 2009 season. TCS is the first Indian company’s logo to appear on a Ferraris body.


iCap MP3 player

Yep, the iCap is out now for $119.95 in the market with a pack of 1 GB MP3 player, an FM tuner, a voice recorder and a micro SD slot for increasing the storage capacity. This cap is ideal for joggers and bicycle riders and would freak any jogger who passes by.


Monday, 1 December 2008

Webcam on USB hub

Yes, Finally the users of the USB hub will have something to smile! The latest USB hubs (called as the Travelling webcam) has a 1.3 MP web camera with a builtin mic,auto-focus and auto-brightness. The image quality with a resolution of 640 x 480 is offered on this Travelling webcam. The price of Travelling Webcam hub varies from 45$ to 55$ at Earth Trek's site.


SP2 for Windows Vista soon

The Technical sources says the Windows Vista SP2 is scheduled for release in April 2009 for the manufaturer and will be available for personal users a month after. We will have to wait and see how far this information is true !!


Sunday, 30 November 2008

Linux on Iphone

Finally the Dev team members have ported linux on iphone and ipod touch. Though the drivers for touchscreen,sound wifi are not ready, this is definitely the first step to success. Further, the masterminds are working to even port Android to iphone in the near future.