Sunday, 7 June 2009

Will Bing replace Google?

Bing! The new search engine is launched by Microsoft as a possible replacement for Google. Microsoft live search will be replaced by Bing from Wednesday, 3rd June 2009.Bing updates its homepage daily with a beautiful screenshot which is more attractive than the normal white Google homepage. It also allows you to know the details about the screenshot( place) by moving the mouse over the picture.

Coming to the main feature, Bing does provide a detailed search result with mouse over the links on the search results as shown on the picture below. Bing also provides the features of Video and Image searching but have to wait and see how accurate it is when compared to Google.

According to experts review , Bing is a robust search engine. Are you thinking of whether Bing will replace Google in future? Well wait for few months and see if your neighbours,friends are using Bing , if so then it has already replaced Google.

Please post your comments and experience on using Bing here for the other readers to get more information.


e-browse 19 August 2009 at 16:58  

It's difficult for bing to compete with google. Google is still best search engine but we as a user will happy with bing because Bing Becomes the Main Alternative to Google Search.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 16:11  

Would be nice if we had a choice instead of having it shoved in our face. I'm sure it will eventually replace google if it is automatically changed on every home page.

Dan 9 February 2010 at 14:36  

Yes, I think Bing will be dominate, but (unfortunately) not due to merit. Although I’m not saying that Bing does not have merit, it does. BUT, innovation or merit is not what will make Bing the dominate player.

MS is inking deals with various browser suppliers having them making the search field (i.e. Search Toolbar) a Bing only option (not modifiable). For example, Verizon has modified the BlackBerry browser to only allow Bing and removed the ability of selecting a competitive search engine toolbar. Of course you could go to the search engine and search, but that is not as convent. I do not think this has been pushed to all Verizon BlackBerry phone models yet. Verizon started with the Storm, but the others will likely have their “user experienced enhanced” this same way.

I'm guessing that MS Explorer will be modified so Bing will always be present as a search toolbar next to the URL field. This of course will reduce the want for a competitive search tool (or increase the want of using a different browser)

Since MS is having a difficult time holding down a very inventive corporation such as Google, I see MS spending lots money inking these "Bing Only" deals. Obviously, Bing is the only player it will dominate. This investment will be reducing Google's cache flow, increasing the Bing user base. The bottom line will be reducing Google's ability to innovate. MS has a very difficult time competing against funded innovation.

I’m not the biggest fan of many Google practices (copy write issues and others). But they are innovative and I hate to see a mild innovator (Microsoft) over run a highly innovative company (Google, Apple, VMware...etc) because the mild innovator's ability to buy the market. But, it would not bother me if Bing became dominate due only to innovation / merit. Unfortunately...

Anonymous,  13 January 2012 at 21:07  

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