Wednesday, 20 May 2009

File with Extension DOT

Continuing with the file extension details on my earlier posts, the next in the queue are files with extension DOT. Every one should have come across this particular type of file extension in your life.Can't remember where you have seen this, this is associated with Microsoft word.

File Extension DOT are used as template files for creating documents until Windows 2003 version and until Word for MAc 2004. This files were replaced with DOTM files from Windows 2007. DOT is the acronym of Document Template. The Microsoft Word icons will not be displayed for this .DOT files in Word as they are just templates and can't be opened in Microsoft word.

According to File Extension DOT website, there are also other files with DOT extension.

* Corel Lines Definition File
* Bert's Dinosaurs game
* Graphiz DOT language file
* Ribbons Molecular surface file.