Monday, 18 May 2009

Imeem on IPhone

Good news for Imeem users,Imeem app is available for IPhone and Ipod touch users and is free to download from App store.

I downloaded this app yesterday and installed it.The following are the options displayed by default under featured:

* Spotlight( New and Notable artists)
* Top 100 ( This weeks hottest songs on Imeem)
* Urb's Next 100( 100 new artists blowing up in 2009)
* songs from Apple Ads( the apple of your Ear)

Apart from Featured, My music and Favorites are the other options available on Imeem Application. If you are selecting any of the options listed under Featured Tab, then you need Wifi connection or GPRS connection for streaming.

Using my music you can create your own play list with the songs stored on your IPhone. As I haven't used Imeem before not sure if there are more options to try out.