Wednesday, 20 May 2009

FireFox - Design Challenge Summer 09

Do you remember why people started using FireFox more than Internet explorer? If not its the Tab option in the browser which prompted a lot of users to use FireFox browsers. The Tabs in the browser was a huge success and all the other browsers developers started to include with their browsers and Microsoft was the last to implement the tabs in Internet explorer 7.0 if I remember correctly.

I know what you are thinking, why am I mentioning about this after these many years? The reason ,FireFox is planning to exclude the tabs option in its next release and is having a competition for us to give out an alternatives to the tabs we are using. They are calling it as " Design challenge summer 09" and the question is as follows :
"Reinventing Tabs in the Browser - How can we create, navigate and manage multiple web sites within the same browser instance?"

To be honest,I am more than satisfied with the Tabs but if any of you who read this post have any innovative ideas then please do participate in FireFox's challenge.