Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Gold ! Gold ! Gold!

This has been in the News for the past few months in all kind of media including TV,newspapers and business article. Yes its nothing other than Gold. The prices have been increasing rapidly in the past few months.

Do you want to follow the news related to it closely or interested in investing in Gold coins on a short term or a long term basis, then Goldcoin Gains is the right place. Their clients are of wide variety including individuals,families and institutional investors.

Aurum advisors help people in analysing the precious metal to be used as an investment and to grow their assets for their future generation. Aurum advisors are not based on any one nation,they can provide services to you anywhere in the world at your doorsteps.

From this website, it appears to be in the media of main News makers such as Newsweek,CNBC,FORBES, Reuters, Google news,Yahoo News, AOL Money & Finance and Market watch.

Gold Bullion coins can be bought directly from Goldcoingain. You can get almost a wide variety of bullion coins such as

* American buffalo
* Australian Gold Nugget
* Australian Gold Philharmonic
* Chinese Gold Panda
* Gold American Eagle
* Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
* Gold South African Kruggerrand.

They provide an excellent customer service which can be confirmed after reading the testimonial on the site.Invest in Gold now and wait for your turn to be Rich!


Renigunta Tamil Mp3 songs download

Renigunta movie stars Johny,a newcomer in the lead. The girl acted as Trisha's sister in Bheema has been offered the role of a heroine in this movie.Johny is also from the film background, He is the son of producer Chakravarthy. Movie is directed by Paneerselvam. Music is scored by Ganesh Raghavendran again a newcomer. Though the songs sounds old, each and every song are pleasant and music director really impresses everyone with his first album. Silambarasan has sung a song "tallakulam" a peppy number and Harish Raghavendar " Mazhai peiyum" song are my favourites.

The songs can be downloaded from the link in .rar format



Sunday, 22 November 2009

DIRECTV Satellite TV

Among the top television service providers in United states, DIRECTV are the nations leader and have scored a higher customer satisfaction for last year. They have more than 17 million customer in the US and providing with 95 HD channels.

As per the latest survey,more and more people are switching to DirecTv services from their existing cable service providers. Direct TV provide their TV service through Satellite and the customers can enjoy access to 265 channels of 100% digital picture and sound. They are also leading the HD revolution by providing more than 95 HD channels than any other service providers in United states.

The TV service will not be interrupted like the cable network where there is a chance for the cable to get damaged. An another advantage is if you have subscribed to Direct TV in Texas and you are moving California, you can still use the Direct TV connection as they provide the service widely across united states.

The reasons why People choose DIRECTV to any other service provider:

* 99.9% Signal reliability
* 100% digital picture and sound
* Access to over 95 HD channels
* No start up costs
* No.1 in customer satisfaction.

Direct Sat TV is an Elite Dealer of DIRECTV Satellite. They offer the best and cheapest TV packages in United states. On their website, you can find the comparison of DIRECTV with other satellite service provider and wit Cable TV providers.


Yogi Tamil Mp3 songs download

Ameer well known as a director is casted as an action hero in Yogi. After showing some heroic qualities in real life during Srilankan- tamilnadu issues, he is now hero in a movie. Madhumitha who acted in "Naalai",Kudaikul Mazhai" plays the ladylove of Ameer. Team work Production House is producing the movie and is directed by Subramanium siva who also gave a hit with Dhanush in Thiruda Thirudi. Yuvan Shankar Raja has scored the music. Ameer himself has sung for the first time in this movie. Another director as a hero?Will Tamilnadu accept him? Lets wait and see.

The songs can be downloaded in .rar format here



Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sound machines help Sleep Well ?

Have any one heard of a machine producing sound actually helps you to sleep well? Yes, That's true Sound machines and White Noise machines are available in the market which actually helps you sleep well.

White Noise Machines are recommended by Doctors if your baby is having trouble while sleeping and also advised for restless sleepers. Let me explain how it works ! These machines creates a constant, smooth sound of rushing air to help control noise around you such as traffic, nearby conversation, snoring ,ticking clock sounds. These can also be useful during day time for people who require relaxation or concentration to work peacefully. In the contrast ,these can also be used to add noise to an area where you might want to avoid dead silence.

Few types of White noise machines are
* Baby sound machine
* Basic White Noise machines
* Natural Sound machine
* white Noise Alarm clock

Sound Machines are similar to white noise but provides you the facility to create your own custom designed soothing sound which you might prefer. They provide controlled sound conditioning for masking the unnecessary noise in your environment to get a restful sleep, relaxation or times when you are required to concentrate and don't want any distraction. Few of these machines also provides auto shut-off timer which can be set to be a certain limit, Say 6o minutes and after 6o minutes the sound machine stops producing sounds. This feature can be useful for person who face issues during initial period of their sleep.

Few types of sound machines are

* Baby sound conditioner
* Natural sound conditioner
* White Noise Alarm clocks

If interested to know more details about this sound machine / white noise machines, Please visit this link.


Google chrome OS revealed !

Hot News for open source people and bad news for Microsoft ! Today google has revealed its much talked OS, Google chrome OS in a small event. The OS is yet at its early stage and long way to go to Beta stage. The OS and the entire system will be webbased and runs in Chrome browser. For Example , when you open a word document or a Notepad, the document will be displayed as a new tab on the Chrome browser. Believe it or not even the contents of USB will be displayed in a new Tab.

Web applications are present in a panel which includes
* Twitter
* Gmail
* Facebook
* Hulu
* Yahoo mail
* Google Calendar
* Picassa Web
* Youtube
* calculator
* Notepad
* Todo list

Google has also mentioned that this OS is mainly targetted for those who primarily use the web. Lets keep an eye on Google OS latest updates.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Premium Photobooks for Public (UK & International)

In this generation, people are storing their photos on digital media available in form of USB drive,CD,DVD or harddisk. We all know the possibility of the electronic media corruption being high.

Why don't we store it in the form of Photobooks. Here is one of those this website which would help in this regard.(http://www.photoproductions.com/)

They provide mainly the following services.

* Professional Photobooks
* Photobook Albums
* Hand binding of photobooks

Their advertisement quite attracted me “Premium Photobooks, not premium prices".

They design and print Premium Photobooks for both the public and professional photographers at premium quality.

They also claim to be the first company in UK to provide premium photobooks to the public.

They provide excellent customer service and also provide full online proofing of the photobooks after completion. Special discounts are available for professional photographers for photobooks.

Most People who wish to create a quality wedding albums can give a try using the services of http://www.photoproductions.com/. To be honest, their website looks very professional. They also offer a 10 % discount on your subsequent photobooks.

They help in keeping our memories alive of all occasion such as
* Weddings
* Anniversaries
* New born babies
* Property
* Graduations

After the completion of photobook creation/binding, will be sent to your address by UK courier at no cost. Though they are UK based, they also ship internationally.


VettaiKaran - Tamil mp3 songs download

Vettaikaran casting Vijay was supposed to be released this Diwali with aadhavan and Peranamai is now all set for Pongal release. Anushka is pairing up with Vijay for the first time. The direction is handled by Babu sivan and Produced by AVM production & Sun pictures. Music is scored by Vijay anthony and the songs are for Vijay fans. "chinna Thamarai " song is my favorite and all other songs sound like every other Vijay movie songs(Kuthu songs). "Naan Adicha" song is a great entertainer for anti Vijay fans :-) . As Sun pictures are one of the producers,AVM doesn't have to worry about marketing the movie. Hope AVM & Sun pictures will earn revenue like they did with Surya's AYAN.

The songs can be downloaded in .rar format from the below link.



Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Information on UK Broadband Service Providers

My contract with Tiscali expired recently and was looking at an alternative. All the service providers were offering bundle offers with TV and Phone. In a confused state, I came across this forum www.ukbroadbandforum.co.uk.

In this forum, People discuss about their broadband services and feedback about their service providers. Actually I had made my mind not take a contract with BT as they have 18 month contract and the next alternative was Virgin Media (earlier known as NTL).

I went through a post where users have provided comments regarding the Quality of service of Virgin Media. Though it was not easy to make a decision even after reading the post, it gave me a bit of confident that it is not the worst service provider in terms of speed as well as Customer service. Right now, I am signed with Virgin and now a satisfied user in terms of speed and customer service.

This forum provides details about every available service provider in the UK. I doubt if any service provider is missing as they also provide information about the mobile broadband.

Following are the different broadband discussed on the forum:
 AOL broadband
 BT Broadband
 Tiscali Broadband
 Pipex Broadband
 UK Online Broadband
 Tesco Broadband
 Demon Broadband
 Be Broadband
 Talk Talk Broadband
 Toucan Broadband
 Virgin Media Broadband
 Sky Broadband
 Orange Broadband
 Madasafish Broadband
 Vodafone Broadband
 O2 Broadband