Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sound machines help Sleep Well ?

Have any one heard of a machine producing sound actually helps you to sleep well? Yes, That's true Sound machines and White Noise machines are available in the market which actually helps you sleep well.

White Noise Machines are recommended by Doctors if your baby is having trouble while sleeping and also advised for restless sleepers. Let me explain how it works ! These machines creates a constant, smooth sound of rushing air to help control noise around you such as traffic, nearby conversation, snoring ,ticking clock sounds. These can also be useful during day time for people who require relaxation or concentration to work peacefully. In the contrast ,these can also be used to add noise to an area where you might want to avoid dead silence.

Few types of White noise machines are
* Baby sound machine
* Basic White Noise machines
* Natural Sound machine
* white Noise Alarm clock

Sound Machines are similar to white noise but provides you the facility to create your own custom designed soothing sound which you might prefer. They provide controlled sound conditioning for masking the unnecessary noise in your environment to get a restful sleep, relaxation or times when you are required to concentrate and don't want any distraction. Few of these machines also provides auto shut-off timer which can be set to be a certain limit, Say 6o minutes and after 6o minutes the sound machine stops producing sounds. This feature can be useful for person who face issues during initial period of their sleep.

Few types of sound machines are

* Baby sound conditioner
* Natural sound conditioner
* White Noise Alarm clocks

If interested to know more details about this sound machine / white noise machines, Please visit this link.


sound therapy 17 January 2010 at 11:03  

We are currently using a Marpac Sleepmate 980A for our little baby. She sleeps so much better now that we have one of these sleep machines. Very highly recommended.