Thursday, 19 November 2009

Google chrome OS revealed !

Hot News for open source people and bad news for Microsoft ! Today google has revealed its much talked OS, Google chrome OS in a small event. The OS is yet at its early stage and long way to go to Beta stage. The OS and the entire system will be webbased and runs in Chrome browser. For Example , when you open a word document or a Notepad, the document will be displayed as a new tab on the Chrome browser. Believe it or not even the contents of USB will be displayed in a new Tab.

Web applications are present in a panel which includes
* Twitter
* Gmail
* Facebook
* Hulu
* Yahoo mail
* Google Calendar
* Picassa Web
* Youtube
* calculator
* Notepad
* Todo list

Google has also mentioned that this OS is mainly targetted for those who primarily use the web. Lets keep an eye on Google OS latest updates.