Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Information on UK Broadband Service Providers

My contract with Tiscali expired recently and was looking at an alternative. All the service providers were offering bundle offers with TV and Phone. In a confused state, I came across this forum www.ukbroadbandforum.co.uk.

In this forum, People discuss about their broadband services and feedback about their service providers. Actually I had made my mind not take a contract with BT as they have 18 month contract and the next alternative was Virgin Media (earlier known as NTL).

I went through a post where users have provided comments regarding the Quality of service of Virgin Media. Though it was not easy to make a decision even after reading the post, it gave me a bit of confident that it is not the worst service provider in terms of speed as well as Customer service. Right now, I am signed with Virgin and now a satisfied user in terms of speed and customer service.

This forum provides details about every available service provider in the UK. I doubt if any service provider is missing as they also provide information about the mobile broadband.

Following are the different broadband discussed on the forum:
 AOL broadband
 BT Broadband
 Tiscali Broadband
 Pipex Broadband
 UK Online Broadband
 Tesco Broadband
 Demon Broadband
 Be Broadband
 Talk Talk Broadband
 Toucan Broadband
 Virgin Media Broadband
 Sky Broadband
 Orange Broadband
 Madasafish Broadband
 Vodafone Broadband
 O2 Broadband