Thursday, 19 March 2009

Apple - Iphone 3.0 software Relaase

IPhone 3.0 software Features unveiled yesterday contains more than 100 new features.Though most of the features are present even in a basic mobile phone, Apple feels proud to advertise their latest 3.0 software.

The 3.0 software will feature
* copy,cut and paste text
* MMS ( only in iPhone 3G)
* picture messaging,
* Business cards in Contacts.
* Search feature to find individual application( supported on Iphone and ipod touch)
* Voice memo recording
* Output stero audio via bluetooth
* Notes syncronisation from iphone to PC or Mac
* Landscape Keyboard

This software allows developer with less restriction for developing new applications.For Example, An application to use bluetooth to be able to transfer files between IPhone users. The software will be available free for IPhone users and 9.5$ for Ipod Touch users.