Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Payingpost - Blog advertising network

"", Did you think "" is misspelled? Well, here is a UK based company who pay bloggers for blogging. Payingpost has one of the largest network with a wide choice of advertisers and bloggers. Bloggers can earn money by writing reviews about different products for the advertisers registered with Payingpost.

Payingpost helps the advertiser understand the power of online marketing at a less expensive method of marketing to a large number of audiences and helps the Bloggers to attract/gain more customers to their blog.

Payingpost insist the Bloggers to write the review on various products or services in their unique style. While most of the US based paid blogging sites pay bloggers only for the posts, the bloggers get paid to blog on 1st of every month through paypal in Payingpost with a chance of winning bonuses (around 25$) for posting the best post of the month. As far as I am aware of, payingpost are one among the company which charges a very less amount as fees for their service (20%).

The number of posts per day/per time is restricted to three posts. And in case if you like to write more posts and are happy to be contacted directly by advertisers, place the Payingpost direct banner on your blog. Advertisers are allowed to contact the bloggers directly only after the blogger installs the code for the payingpost direct in their blog. The banner shall contain a text banner or banner displaying minimum hire fee or a custom image banner of your choice which you think might attract more advertisers.

To help advertiser choosing a blogger, payingpost maintains a Blogging Directory.The directory displays all blogs with name, description along with the minimum amount to hire a blogger for a post. If an advertiser wants to view the blog layout before hiring, more info section in the directory provides the required information with Google ranking and Alexa ranking.

The caption says it all "Blog advertising is better than other forms of internet advertising" , which attracts any advertiser to join payingpost with confidence. From a blogger perspective, it looks like payingpost has the large number of advertisers that might attract a lot of bloggers to join.

Payingpost will not allow any bloggers to post their review on any product or service unless they are verified as the owners of submitted blog. Happy Blogging! Good luck for earning more money!