Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Kingston 256 GB USB stick??

"Where is the technology taking us?" is a very famous verse in our day to day life. Here is another instance which will probe this doubt. Kingston has launched a USB stick with capacity of 256GB. The features are as follows:

* Measures 70.68 x 22.37 x 16.45mm
* Read speed of 20 Mb/sec
* Write Speed of 10 Mb/Sec
* 5 year warranty
* Compatible with Windows 7,Windows 2000,XP,Vista,Mac OS and Linux.
* Password traveler software

Ah..Forgot to mention the name..it will be popular from now on as DT300. DT300 password traveler software also provides you the facility of creating a privacy zone blocking access to the data stored by way of password.


Wii Sports Resort

Wii sports Resort is a sequel to Wii sports which contains a wide variety of games that can be used by anyone of all ages. Wii sports resort kit includes Wii motion plus,Wii remote controller and sensor bar which enables the player gain real life experience.

There are around 18 new sports featured in Wii sports Resort which includes water sports like canoeing,power cruising,wake boarding and ball games like table tennis and Golf.

The games can be played while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Wuhu resort alone or with your friends and family. The Wii motion plus accessory included with Wii sports Resort helps to achieve your movements accurate to enhance the game play.


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Unlocking IPhone 2G with 3.0 OS!

Its time to explore the possibilities of unlocking IPhone with 3.0 OS. Like always, I managed to find an article in the net about unlocking the 2G phone with 3.0 OS. Please note not all the features advertised in the Apple site will work on IPhone 2G. Few of the features are exclusive to IPhone 3G and IPhone 3GS phones.

The minimum requirement for unlocking iPhone 2G are as follows:

* Itunes 8.2
* redsnow - Search for redsnow 0.7 Version in Google.
* BL 3.9 - Download from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1H0XAZWQ
* BL 4.6 - Download from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6OF2OR03
* ipsw - Download from http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net/content.info.apple.com/iPhone/061-6580.20090617.XsP76/iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

1) Store all the files under one Folder - IPhone3.0
2) Connect your IPhone to ITunes and hold down the shift key by selecting IPhone displayed on your left and then click restore button.
3) Be cautious to choose only Automatically sync when this phone is connected.
4) Now select the .ipsw file already downloaded from the Iphone3.0 folder.
5) After the firmware update in ITunes is completed, Launch the redsnow application from the Iphone3.0 Folder.
6) Click browse, then navigate to the .ipsw file which we used for restoring the iphone.
7) Make sure the message " IPSW successfully identified" is displayed on the window, then click next.
8) Select " Install cydia" and " Unlock" and press Next.
9) Then Browse for the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloader from the IPhone3.0 folder and press Next.
10) Now plug your Iphone into the computer and make sure it is OFF and then click Next. Don't worry if the IPhone is already connected during the process.
11) Please follow the instructions clearly and take great care to do the process as instructed on the screen.
12) The Iphone will reboot in between and will show "Done" on the window, then click Finish.
13) Now the iphone will run a few programs and hopefully your iphone will be unlocked and Jail broken.

Again, this information is gathered from different articles on the internet and please try this out at your own risk !


Online IT Training Academy

Have you heard of online Computer training courses?May be that's a silly question:-)

Career academy is a concern offering computer training courses via multimedia on-demand video lectures. They also provide hands-on training using lab simulators and 24 hour live mentoring. For instance, Mentors can provide hands-on for CCNA training using lab simulations online. An individual professor is assigned for each online training and presented through full motion video and audio allowing the students to understand the steps involved and explanations given by professor clearly.

Career Academy helps an individual in providing training on Microsoft,Cisco and other IT certifications. Career Academy is based at US providing quality online training and guidance to the students.