Thursday, 30 April 2009

IPhone 3G - wooden case

For the past two years,Apple has revolutionised the world with their first ever touchscreen mobile-IPhone. Not only did Apple grew their business with IPhone, a lot of other software developers,hackers and accessory makers also captured the market. Here is one example, A wooden case is made for IPhone3G. This comes in three models but you can't use any keys with IPhone inside the case. The price of this case is around 85$ which is not surprising given the fact that this is handmade. These cases are made in such a way to compliment the IPhone curves and to hold the phone properly.


Luminex Fiber Bedsheets

Interesting but true, Does anyone need a bed that keeps us awake the whole night? Hmm....Luminex Bedsheets are available to replace your existing standard bed sheets which glows along the whole length of the fibre creating a light effect. Luminex is a type of material used to make this luminous bed sheets. Although these bed sheets need external power to light, they don't get warmed up and also these are safe from electric shocks, Hand washable. The price of a single cover( 78.8 x63 inch)is 660$. Does it worth having it, you decide.


Monday, 20 April 2009

Windows7 release canditate - 5 May 09

Microsoft announced this week about the availability of Windows7 release candidate for public access from May 5th 2009. It is already available for download for MSDN account holders and Technet subsrcibers. Microsoft will be gathering information from users PCs to fix few bugs identified during the first deployment. Microsoft also claims that windows7 is reliable,secured,improved management and performance.So far,most of the feedback received from the Windows7 Beta users are positive and we expect the same from the May release which should be far better than Vista. Microsoft reiterated this release is not a final release.


Kyocera Foldable OLED concept phone

With the increase of lot of touchscreen phones and larger display phones, Designers were breaking their heads to come out with a solution to have larger display but a compact phone. Well,there is an answer, Kyocera has displayed its OLED foldable display concept phone at CTIA. The concept phone has a large bright display with wide screen OLED display which can be folded back to the size of a wallet. It has two modes:

* Qwerty mode for text entry
* Wide screen display made for browsing and for media applications.

Buzz! OLED display is going to be the next biggest technology in smaller laptops and cellphones in the future as the display consumes less power, available miniaturising option and less battery consumption.


Thursday, 16 April 2009

MasterCard's "ATM Hunter" - App for Iphone

Here you go, Another IPhone App was released this week by MasterCard worldwide " ATM Hunter".This App allows you to find the nearest ATM from your location. IPhone 3G uses GPS facility to identify the location while the IPhone 2G requires an Internet connection. In addition to it, the user has to enter the address or specific location on IPhone 2G and the search will be carried out based on the Input.

ATM hunter not only displays the nearest ATM but also provides the details such as Bank name which avoid users paying for potential charges applied by other banks ATM. It also provides with following information

* 24 HR service?
* Wheel chair accessibility present?
* Surcharge free?
* Deposit sharing?

Looks like a cool App for frequent travellers when they are short of money.


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

StealthBot USB Computer Spy

Most people use Internet in their normal use and a lot of them use others PC or laptop for browsing. Among those,a lot of people would like to monitor their friends, relatives activities on their computer , sometimes Parents would like to know what their kids browse on the Internet. Installing software was an option to track the activities but the software will be visible to the users allowing them to bypass it by some means.

Stealthbot USB computer spy is a USB gadget which when plugged into a computer installs a software within 5 seconds and is "virtually undetectable". This software keeps track of all the computer activities by recording the keystrokes and capturing screenshots at regular intervals. When you plug in the USB gadget again on the subjected computer the stored spy data is transferred into the USB gadget(1GB internal storage memory) for viewing. This gadget priced for 159.95$ in US store is a must have for those who need surveillance for their computers.


Friday, 10 April 2009

icloud - World's first online computer

icloud is a website that turns your web browser into an online computer giving access to your files and applications that you regularly use. icloud has introduced it's beta version this week and looks like already captured the market( you can see the usual notification :-) " Heavy server load".

Basically you need to create an account with icloud and you will be given access to secure storage space of 3GB where you can store all your files which you may require to share with your friends and those who need the files elsewhere in the world. Few applications pre installed for every account are

* Mail
* Instant Messaging
* Photo organizer
* File explorer
* Music & Video player
* Write
* Calendar
* Contacts
* Games

The storage screen shall be configured like a webdav folder as in the picture and will be easy to transfer files.

icloud allows you to even share photos and music and reduce the complexity in sending a large attachment through mail. It also provides few application development tools like

* IDE (Integrated development Environment)
* Developer documentation
* API documentation
* XML Editor

Before starting my Easter Vacation ,I thought I would better share this useful information and allow you try it during your Easter holiday.


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Yahoo Messenger on IPhone!

A week later Skype released its version for IPhone,Yahoo has also come up with their IPhone version. Yahoo messenger app will be available in Itunes App store for free download. This allows the users to update the status,share photos,emoticons and links on IPhone. This version is compatible for Iphone as well as for Ipod Touch with at least 2.0 software installed on it.Additionally you can also send SMS to your friends through Yahoo IM. After seeing the release of Yahoo,SKype for IPhone ,IPhone users are expecting Microsoft to soon release their MSN Version for IPhone.


Payingpost - Blog advertising network

"", Did you think "" is misspelled? Well, here is a UK based company who pay bloggers for blogging. Payingpost has one of the largest network with a wide choice of advertisers and bloggers. Bloggers can earn money by writing reviews about different products for the advertisers registered with Payingpost.

Payingpost helps the advertiser understand the power of online marketing at a less expensive method of marketing to a large number of audiences and helps the Bloggers to attract/gain more customers to their blog.

Payingpost insist the Bloggers to write the review on various products or services in their unique style. While most of the US based paid blogging sites pay bloggers only for the posts, the bloggers get paid to blog on 1st of every month through paypal in Payingpost with a chance of winning bonuses (around 25$) for posting the best post of the month. As far as I am aware of, payingpost are one among the company which charges a very less amount as fees for their service (20%).

The number of posts per day/per time is restricted to three posts. And in case if you like to write more posts and are happy to be contacted directly by advertisers, place the Payingpost direct banner on your blog. Advertisers are allowed to contact the bloggers directly only after the blogger installs the code for the payingpost direct in their blog. The banner shall contain a text banner or banner displaying minimum hire fee or a custom image banner of your choice which you think might attract more advertisers.

To help advertiser choosing a blogger, payingpost maintains a Blogging Directory.The directory displays all blogs with name, description along with the minimum amount to hire a blogger for a post. If an advertiser wants to view the blog layout before hiring, more info section in the directory provides the required information with Google ranking and Alexa ranking.

The caption says it all "Blog advertising is better than other forms of internet advertising" , which attracts any advertiser to join payingpost with confidence. From a blogger perspective, it looks like payingpost has the large number of advertisers that might attract a lot of bloggers to join.

Payingpost will not allow any bloggers to post their review on any product or service unless they are verified as the owners of submitted blog. Happy Blogging! Good luck for earning more money!


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Gigabyte T1028 TouchNote

The Gigabyte's T1028 touch note was spotted in the CeBIT few months back and shall now be seen on its company website officially. The specifications mentioned are

* 1.6GHZ Atom N270 processor.
* 10.1 inch touch panel(LED back lit)
* Embedded HSDPA module
* 2.5 inch 160 GB SATA HDD
* Bluetooth 2.1
* 1.3 Megapixel camera
* Ethernet,Wifi
* 4-cell battery
* twin 1.5 watt speakers

Gigagbyte also offers few optional equipments for tech savvy
* Atom N270 CPU
* WiMAX module
* 1366 x 768 resolution panel
* 6-cell Li-ion

The price and release date are not yet published though !


Monday, 6 April 2009

VNC lite for IPhone - Control Your PC with IPhone from anywhere!

Few months back tightvnc application was available for jail broken IPhone users restricting the control only to mouse pointer i.e. control of your PC by moving the mouse pointer using IPhone screen. Those days are gone now,I happened to come across VNC lite on App store which is available as free download. VNC lite allows not only to control your PC but also to view your desktop through IPhone using wifi connection.

1. For connecting your IPhone to your PC you just need one of the VNC server application running on your PC (VNC,tightVNC etc.).
2. Make a note of the VNC server ip address and set your won password.
3. Run the VNC lite app on your IPhone and press connect on your right hand corner of the application.
4. Enter the ip address of the VNC server running on your PC and password and then press connect.
5. On your PC , a screen will appear allowing you to accept the incoming connection or reject. Press Accept and you will be connected to the Desktop.

I have tried this on my IPhone and it worked.(IPhone2G)


Friday, 3 April 2009

IPhone SDK terms updated for developers

Apple is facing a huge threat from their rival "Cydia" who are releasing a lot of Apps before they are available in App store. The secret behind most of the apps available in cydia are either rejected apps by Apple or developers who don't want to go through Apple. This has forced Apple to change their IPhone SDK terms which restrict the developers to develop only for Apple and sign the updated terms. The updated terms :

"Applications developed using the Apple Software may only be distributed if selected by Apple (in its sole discretion) for distribution via the App Store or for limited distribution on Registered Devices (ad hoc distribution) as contemplated in this Agreement"

Apple are now entitled to take legal actions against developers bypassing Apple and build the business through releasing apps to competitors like Cydia. Sure, SDK developers will have an alternative for Apples Terms.


Rumour: Better camera in the next IPhone Version

Latest rumour floating around the world "Apple's release of next version of IPhone". It will be having a 3.2MP camera with 3.2MP CMOS sensor from omnivision. With this we expect the capabilities of camera to improve and utilised properly for the first time in IPhone. Another rumour linked with the IPhone camera is apple are in talk to include a 5 MP CMOS sensor. Apple has not officially advertised this feature nor they have declined the statements. Just days before,Apple announced its 3.0 software.Is apple planning to release the next IPhone? What would they call it? IPhone 4G ,5G?Any guesses ?


Thursday, 2 April 2009

Mariyadhai Mp3 songs Download

Maridathai has Vijaykanth in the lead doing a double role as usual. Meena,Meera jasmine and Ambika are the so called Heroines of this movie. Vikraman directs this movie and his combination with vijaykanth have created a buzz in kollywood as their earlier venture "Vaanathai Pola" was a huge hit. Can't expect other than ramesh kanna to handle the comedy in Vikraman's movie. We can expect a lot of "la la la" songs and "twink" music for comedy in this "DIFFERENT" movie. Surprisingly its not S.A. Rajkumar or Sirpi for music, its the Nakka mukka Fame Vijay anthony. It will interesting to see Vijaykanth dancing for a fast song like " nakka mukka" May be that's a little too much :-)

Download the songs from the link below in .rar format


Pasanga Mp3 songs Download

Pasanga - From the title,it looks like Tamil directors and Producers are running sort of tamil names for the movies and translating the old movie names(BOYZ). After the success of Subramaniapuram, Company Productions are producing this movie with Jeeva and Anbu in the lead. Music is composed by James vasanthan and we can expect a similar song like " Kangal Iruntaal". "Memories Keep a song in your heart", this what is advertised not sure if this is the caption of the movie :-).

Download the songs from the link in .rar format(mediafire)


Quickoffice for IPhone

Microsoft has revealed its plan to bring office onto the IPhone and also Quickoffice has announced its plan to release quickoffice for IPhone in early April. Quickoffice will be capable of editing word and Excel documents.It will also have the capability of transfering files from PC to IPhone and the file types include Pdf,iWork, powerpoint and pictures. Quickoffice will not be available for free but options will be available for downloading Quickword or Quickexcel seperately on different rates depending upon individual's requirement.